Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter Game

Animal Shelter
  • Developer: Games Incubator
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
  • Version: 1.1.12
User Rating: Rating 4.53

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Release Date
23 Mar, 2022
Games Incubator
Games Incubator, PlayWay S.A.
Casual, Indie, Simulation
Windows PC


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Find New Families for Pets in Animal Shelter Game!

Henry Miller

Animal Shelter is a management/simulation game where players are in charge of a pet harbor. Software offers a relaxed gameplay experience where players must take care of animals in shelter, including feeding, watering, and housing them. There is a variety of tasks that players can perform to improve wellbeing of pets, such as taking them for walks, cleaning them, treating them if they are sick. Besides, Animal Shelter game for free features a management mode where players can build and upgrade their refuge, as well as decorate it to their liking. Program is suitable for players of all ages and can be enjoyed by animal lovers and those looking for a relaxing gaming experience.


Graphics in Animal Shelter for free download are colorful and cute, animals are all well-rendered. Software takes place in various environments, including inside itself, outside in the play area and clinic. Graphics are appropriate for game's tone and subject matter, they are pleasing to look at. Animals are all well-rendered, look like their real-life counterparts. Environments are well-designed and look like realistic pet harbors. Graphics are definitely one of highlights of game. All of pets look different and have their unique features. Environments of Animal Shelter PC game are well-designed, there is a good amount of detail in different buildings, rooms. Environments are well-rendered, look like realistic. User interface is easy to navigate and understand.


Gameplay is fairly simple and consists of taking care on animals in your refuge. This includes feeding, watering, housing, and taking them to clinic if they are sick. You will need to monitor their needs and ensure they are happy so pets can be adopted. Software does a good job of gradually introducing new elements so that you are not overwhelmed, Animal Shelter full version is a fairly relaxed game, gameplay is mainly focused on taking care of pets in your facility. You will need to level up your buildings, add new ones as your harbor grows. Gameplay is not particularly challenging, but seeing pet in your care happy, healthy is satisfying. Player must take care of pets in their shelter and make sure their needs are met. Player must monitor pets for adoption. Program includes a build mode that allows player to customize layout of their refuge.


Сontrols in Animal Shelter download for PC are simple and easy to use. Player uses the mouse to navigate the menus, interact with pets. Keyboard is used to move around the shelter, build mode. Controls are mainly point-and-click, with some keyboard shortcuts for certain actions. Controls are straightforward to learn. There is a tutorial at beginning of Animal Shelter online game that will walk you through the basics.


Once you complete the game's main objectives, there is not much reason to replay it. However, it is still enjoyable to take care of pets and see them get adopted. After download Animal Shelter game, you can play for a short or long period, depending on your preference. I found that I could easily spend an hour or two taking care of pets and expanding my shelter. The game gets repetitive after a while, but it is still enjoyable.


  • How do I care for my animals?
    You will need to water, feed, house your pets. You can buy cages for the species you didn’t pick initially.
  • How do I meet the needs of the animals?
    You can meet needs of pet by interacting with them, viewing their stats sheet on their cage, or checking your computer.
  • How do I play Animal Shelter for free?
    You are tasked with taking in pets, caring for their needs such as hunger, hygiene, health. You can build and upgrade your shelter, add in decorations and furniture.
  • What is the goal of game?
    Goal is to level up your reputation, earn more profit so that you can expand your shelter.
  • How do I care for animals in my shelter?
    You will need to feed, water, house pets in your refuge. You can take them to the clinic if they are sick.


Overall, Animal Shelter for Nintendo Switch and other devices is a cute and enjoyable management/simulator game. The gameplay is mostly focused on taking care of the pets, and it can be a bit repetitive after a while. However, the game is still enjoyable, and it is satisfying to see pets in your refuge happy and healthy.


  • Tutorial is thorough and gradually introduces new mechanics
  • A variety of tasks to perform keeps the gameplay from getting too repetitive
  • Building and managing your refuge is rewarding and satisfying


  • A lot of time is spent walking back and forth between buildings

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